Difference between: sloppy joes and sloppy janes

Did you know there’s a sloppy jane?

Well, now you do. And in about one second, I can tell you the difference between sloppy joes and sloppy janes.

Sloppy joes – the comfort food sandwich made of ground beef in a semi-spicy tomato/barbecue sauce, served on a bun.

Oddly, I could not find any write-ups on sloppy janes – if you know of one, please share in the comments!

However, I looked at many sloppy jane recipes: The Food Network, Hungry Girl, and Cooking Channel, to name a few – although I found quite a bit more.

The difference is using ground turkey instead of ground beef. That’s it!

The other ingredients appear to be the same or similar: tomato sauce/ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic/garlic powder, onion/onion powder, bell peppers, etc.

The message is clear: Men eat beef; women eat turkey.


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