Difference between: cucumbers and English cucumbers

People may ask about the difference between a cucumber and an English cucumber because English cucumbers are more expensive – $2 per cuke or more – is it worth the extra dough?

In my opinion, no, it’s not.

However, I’m biased because I heart cucumbers pretty much more than any other vegetable. They’re just so crisp and refreshing.

sliced cucumbers


  • Are also known as slicing cucumbers.
  • Have many large seeds.
  • Have thick skin.
  • Can have a slightly bitter flavor.

English cucumbers:

  • Are also known as seedless cucumbers.
  • Have few, underdeveloped seeds.
  • Have thin skin.
  • Are slightly sweeter than regular.
  • Are longer and thinner than regular.

English cucumbers are reportedly preferred by chefs because of their desirable qualities. Supposedly, the large seeds in common cucumbers can yield to a somewhat bitter flavor, but they always have a pleasing mild taste to me.

By the way, Kirby cucumbers are bumpy, firm, and not very large; they’re usually used for pickling. (Although, you can pickle other cucumbers, use Kirby cucumbers as you would slicing cucumbers, etc.)

Japanese cucumbers are similar to English, but with bumps like Kirbys.