Difference between: whey protein and casein protein

Do you use whey protein powder, or casein protein powder for body-building reasons, or maybe just overall health?

Check out the difference between whey protein and casein protein, so you can best reap the advantages of both.

what looks like a chocolate shake in a glass
A protein shake


  • Whey: a milk serum, separating as a liquid from the curd after coagulation, as in cheese-making.
  • Casein: a protein precipitated from milk, as by rennet, and forming the basis of cheese and certain plastics.

Proteins provide necessary amino acid to the body. Amino acids contribute to muscle growth. Whey and casein are the two major proteins found in milk – they work in different ways and are actually complimentary.

Those using their powdered forms as part of a workout regimen would find it most advantageous to include both in their diet.

Whey protein:

Casein protein:

  • Digests slowly.
  • Is considered to be anti-catabolic – it stops the breakdown of molecules that releases energy.
  • Is the most abundant protein in milk – 80%.
  • Is great to consume with meals or at bedtime.

So, whey protein is great while exercising because it provides energy fast; casein protein makes up for the quick loss of whey’s benefits, because it’s digested slowly, and is therefore more long-lasting.