Difference between: white cornmeal and yellow cornmeal

This is a super quick and easy Difference Between folks – I’m pressed for time!


The difference between white and yellow cornmeal is the color the corn was when it was derived from it . There are also blue varieties of corn, and thus, cornmeal.

The flavor is nearly the same (yellow being a teensy bit sweeter), and so they can be used interchangeably in recipes. Although, one woman on a TasteOfHome.com forum mentions that her grandmother insists white cornmeal makes better cornbread, and yellow cornmeal is better for frying fish; I have also seen elsewhere recommendations for white cornmeal for cornbread. I assume the idea behind this is that you do not really need any extra sweetness with a good cornbread.

For some reason, people in the South tend to prefer white and we northerners lean towards the yellow – maybe because they make more cornbread down there? Personally, as a northerner, I would have to agree that I would likely go for the yellow – it certainly looks more appetizing. 

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