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Difference between: coffee and decaf coffee

Okay folks, small blog update before I get into this one.

I started a new job this week. 

I’ve transitioned from being a freelance writer on the side, to being an actual, full-time, writer and editor for a well known marketing company. This is awesome.

In lieu of the big changes happening in my life, I thought it was time to take a gander at the Difference Between category on this blog – the one I post in the most frequently.

I started this blog in April of 2013. (Three year anniversary!) My first Difference Between post was in July of 2013, on Russian dressing and Thousand Island dressing. I’ve done a Difference Between post once a week, with few exceptions, for two years and nine months. 

And I think it’s time to switch it up.

I have an idea of what I want to take my once-a-week post place, but I’m not sure enough to announce it just yet.

In the meantime! Feel free to continue emailing me with Difference Between post ideas, because I’ll probably pick it up at some point.

Here’s the last Difference Between post for awhile: coffee versus decaf coffee.

a coffee cup on a saucer surrounded by coffee beans

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8 (almost) lyricless songs to add to your work playlist

If you’re like me, you need a little background noise when you’re doing work – especially if you’re working at home.

Obviously, the television is too much of a distraction. Music can be great, but sometimes I find myself singing along, or even getting up and dancing if it’s especially catchy.

But thanks to Pandora and Google Play, I have come across eight excellent lyricless, or almost lyricless, songs.

Add the following tunes to your playlist and actually get work done at home.

(Did you know occasional telecommuting and other flexible work/life balance options are increasing in the workplace?)

Or hey, just rock out those headphones at your cube in the office.

white headphones

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