Difference between: cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes

Looking for cherry tomatoes at the grocery store and finding grape instead? Wondering what the difference between the two is? Today we’re taking a look at these delectable little members of the tomato family as we find out the difference between cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes.

a close up of cherry tomatoes
Babyboomer100 / Pixabay

Cherry Tomatoes

  • Have a high water content; will squirt when you bite into them
  • Are sweeter than grape
  • Are good for hollowing out and stuffing
  • Come in more varieties (and colors) than grape

Grape Tomatoes

  • Are hardier and last longer than cherry
  • Have a more oblong shape than cherry
  • Are more thicker skinned than cherry – can work better in sauces
  • Grow in clusters like actual grapes


  • Have similar grow cycles
  • Are sweeter than larger tomatoes
  • Are pretty interchangeable in recipes

The Takeaway

Most chefs appear to prefer cherry tomatoes for the better taste and texture. However, grape tomatoes are hardier, which means they ship better, and the fact that they grow in clusters is beneficial for growers looking for a big yield. So, you might see more grape tomatoes than cherry when at the grocery store.

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