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100 happy days – could you complete the challenge?

As mentioned before, I did the 100 Happy Days Challenge on Facebook along with four of my friends. The premise is simple: find one thing to take a picture of that makes you happy and post about it every day.

According to the organizers, 71% of people tried the challenge and failed. Which seems really high to me. It wasn’t that hard. But I’m in marketing, so I’m on Facebook all the time – maybe that had something to do with it.

Here’s what made me happy over the last 100 days.

a bunch of blue frowny faces surrounding one yellow happy face

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Compelling reasons why you should be trying eMeals

Note: This is not a sponsored post. eMeals is not paying me for this. Thoughts are my own.

Another (more general) note: I try to respect my family’s privacy as I blog even though, obviously, they come up sometimes. But it’s really cumbersome to type “the husband” and “the baby” so going forward they are A and O, respectively. Most of you probably know their names but let’s just not make it more public than it needs to be. Thanks!

If we’re Facebook friends, you’ve probably noticed me posting pictures of awesome dinners through my 100 Happy Days posts. If you think I’m just super clever and am coming up with all of these creative dishes on my own, I’m not.

A couple of years ago A and I tried eMeals and to be honest, I wasn’t super impressed. We did the budget plan and it was very…limiting. But, that’s probably par for the course when you’re spending as little money as possible.

Then, a couple of months ago A suggested we give it another try, going with a different plan. And I’m super glad we did. 

fish tacos and limes in the background, mango salsa in the foreground
eMeals fish tacos

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