3 things that remind me of my dad

Happy birthday to my dad!

Photo credit: Judy Landers
Photo credit: Judy Landers

I won’t disclose Rich Landers’ age, but let’s just say he’s been qualified to get AARP insurance for a few years.

Here are three things around my apartment that remind me of my dad:

1. Brown University sweatshirt.

During my decluttering, I could not bring myself to get rid of this sweatshirt from Brown, which I believe was my dad’s at some point.


I too ended up going to college in Rhode Island – Roger Williams University. And my interest in writing also comes from y dad.

2. The Rich clothespin.


This has been part of my desk decor for well over a decade.


It doesn’t serve a function, really – I suppose I could use it as a picture holder – but it will always have a place in between the stapler and the mini drawers I keep paperclips and stamps in.


3. The birch tree painting.
Photo credit: Alan Nudi

This painting at some point was hung in my dad’s office at work; it was also in the den at my parents’ old house for years. The husband and I have a bit of a tree theme going on in the living room, making this painting a perfect addition. 


Since I was allowed to take it it’s always been displayed in a prominent spot. And it always reminds me of my dad.

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  1. Just when I think you couldn’t be any sweeter, and mature, you blog about your dad on his birthday. What parent wouldn’t love this?? He won’t see this for a few hours as he’s at his playwriting group meeting.

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