Difference between: French bread and Italian bread

French bread versus Italian bread! 

Here’s a quick break down for you.

a basket of sliced French bread

French bread:

  • Is long and thin with rounded ends (think baguette).
  • Has a hard, crunchy crust with a soft inside.
  • Is a little bit more sweet and less chewy than Italian.
  • Is baked in an electrical convention oven.
  • Is served with soup or another starter course to a meal.

Italian bread:

  • Tends to be roundish in shape, and thicker than French.
  • Can even be flat (think focaccia).
  • Also has a hard crust, but not as hard as French.
  • Is more savory, with a hint of a smoky flavor.
  • Is baked in a flat stone oven, like pizza.
  • Is served along the main course to a meal, particularly with pasta.

Interestingly, “French bread pizza” is better served with Italian bread.