Snapshot: white pumpkins

If you’re looking for something different to spice up your Halloween decorations, try giving these unusual pumpkins a try.

Real, white pumpkins are an albino variety specifically bred by growers for their special color.

Although they used to be a fairly uncommon sight, they are becoming more popular, and more commercially available.

White pumpkins:

  • Can be carved like orange.
  • Are better for painting purposes than orange.
  • Can often be substituted for orange in recipes.
  • Have become a wedding theme.

White pumpkin varieties include:

  • Lumina
  • Cotton Candy
  • Baby Boo

Cotton Candy is recommended out of the three as the best carving white pumpkin.

If you can’t find a white pumpkin and you’re dying for one, you can cheat by spray painting an orange one.

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  1. I have noticed more white pumpkins this year. Also fake white pumpkins used for decorating, such as the one I have, are much more prevalent this year.

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