Snapshot: doughnut peaches

I’ve decided to add a new blog category: Snapshots. They’ll be a super quick look at an interesting food item. And, they’ll be sporadic, much like the Writing Exercises.

Of course, Difference Between and Food History categories will continue to be posted weekly.

For the first Snapshot, let’s take a look at doughnut peaches. They inspired me to start a Snapshot category just to highlight random fun foods – just look at how cute they are.

Also called Saturn peaches, doughnut peaches have a unique, flat shape. Like nectarines, doughnut peaches are the result of a genetic mutation of the peach fruit.

Doughnut peaches:

  • Have white or yellow flesh.
  • Have little or no fuzz.
  • Have a differently shaped pit than other peaches.
  • Are sweet with an almond-y undertone.
  • Are lower in acid than other peaches.

Doughnut peach trees:

  • Are frost-hardy.
  • For the most part are pest-resistant and disease-resistant.
  • Tend to produce nearly twice the yield of other peach trees.

Try making a doughnut peach doughnut – recipe here – from one of my favorite foodies, Mark Bittman.