16 wedding gift registry tips

We’ve been working on our wedding gift registry. I must say, this is one of the more enjoyable aspects of wedding planning.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. . .

Bear in mind some of these (hopefully) go without saying.

  1. Begin the registry at least six months before the wedding.
  2. Remember to put what you actually want on the registry, even if it’s not necessarily traditional.*
  3. Choose at least two different registry stores or sites.
  4. Include a wide, extensive range of prices. We’re talking $10 up to several hundred, and everything in between.
  5. Don’t be afraid to include items that you already have, such as a microwave – it can’t hurt to upgrade.
  6. Register for at least two times the amount of gifts as there are attendees.
  7. Some couples now include on their website a way to donate money to the honeymoon.
  8. Speaking of which, your registry information should only be on the wedding website, not on an invitation.
  9. Ask the stores or websites how long they keep the registry active; it is now socially acceptable to purchase a gift for the couple up to a year after the wedding.
  10. For important items, be sure to consult each other on what you want. But, you each should pick some of your own choices, too. Consider dividing up the categories.**
  11. Register for extra teaspoons and salad forks.
  12. Frequently check the registry to ensure there is still a decent range of gifts and prices available.
  13. As gifts are shipped to you (if you allow this option), keep all the receipts.
  14. Be aware of return policies.
  15. Keep a careful log of who gave you what gift so thank you cards are distributed to the correct people!
  16. Perhaps most important: Be gracious about each and every gift received. And send a thank you note for every one, too!

*My friend Kattie told me that if she needed something for her home, she would buy it herself. And so, for her registry, she put things on there that she simply wanted, like cookbooks.

**I’m having the fiance do the electronics section, while I’m handling the majority of kitchenware. 

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