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8 excellent reasons to consider a real tree this year

Does your family get a real tree every year, or do you have an artificial one you always take out of storage? 

If you typically use a fake tree, but are maybe open to switching up some Christmas traditions this year, here are eight great reasons why you should consider going for real over artificial.


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Hiking adventures at Sleeping Beauty Mountain

As I’ve mentioned before, the fiance has gotten me into hiking a lot this season. We’ve gone nearly every time to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, which is quite large.

Today, we actually climbed a whole mountain. This was real hiking, in tough terrain, going up steep inclines a good chunk of the way. We went over six miles in all (we usually do three to four).

Today’s extersion pretty much consumed the whole day, with Sleeping Beauty Mountain being up in Queensbury, over an hour away. All in all it was about two and half hours getting there and back, with about four hours of actual hiking.

My legs hurt and I slipped and almost fell on my butt into mud and/or water at least three times.

It was so worth it, though. Below are some of my favorite photos I got today:

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First signs of spring

Up here in upstate New York spring can come anytime from early March to late May, the latter being more of the norm.

We’re in mid to late April now, and we are just starting to see the signs of life emerging. I have no idea what kinds of plants these are, but here are a few signs of green, in an otherwise very brown forest: the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

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