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8 excellent reasons to consider a real tree this year

Does your family get a real tree every year, or do you have an artificial one you always take out of storage? 

If you typically use a fake tree, but are maybe open to switching up some Christmas traditions this year, here are eight great reasons why you should consider going for real over artificial.


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My top 3 wedding/honeymoon snafus

I am back.

Things were getting crazy right up before the wedding, and I had to take some blogging time off. Then of course, I was on my honeymoon. But now I’m ready to write.

As I transition to my new married name, my website will follow suit. Eventually, this will become ErinNudi.com

And yes, that is Nudi, as in, Al Bundy goes to the nudie bar.

One of the biggest challenges of this whole marriage thing will certainly be getting used to having a non-normal last name.

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Albany Tulip Festival 2014

If you live in the Capital Region, you’re likely familiar with the annual Tulip Festival in Washington Park in Albany. 

I used to go nearly every year, but hadn’t been in over six years now. The fiance had never had the pleasure at all. Every year we’ve been together we’ve talked about going, but never went. Until, this year, we finally fought the traffic and made our way in.

Although not as exciting as say my Keene, New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival photos, I did manage to get a few great shots. The weather was beautiful, and the majority of the tulips were in bloom.

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