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Props (writing exercise #12)

Continuing on with the characterization section of writing exercises, this activity emphasizes the literal surroundings of our characters as they exist in a setting.

This reminds me a lot of my play writing class I took last year. If you ever go to plays (I recently saw Phantom of the Opera with my mom – it was fantastic) try paying close attention to the props on stage. They’re likely telling you additional things about the characters, that you can’t get from action and dialogue alone.

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Food writing class

My play writing class just ended. I did not finish my play but I will (I promise). At the last class our teacher brought in local actors to act out scenes we’ve written, and it was amazing.

By the way, my play writing teacher, although she is moving to the city soon, is teaching another play writing class up here in the fall, as well as a song writing class. I would highly highly recommend her to anyone who is interested. She specializes in musicals and children’s plays.

Anywho, I am fortunate enough to be given another opportunity to take a writing class, as my parents offered to pay for this food writing class as an early birthday present for me. There is a limit of 15 students and I am going to be super upset if I do not get in. *Crosses fingers*

Photo credit: Telegraph.CO.UK

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A few thoughts on soap opera writing

As I mentioned previously, writing a soap opera, or writing for a soap opera, is something I have given a lot of thought to. It is definitely on my list of different writing genres, or forms, that I need to try.

As I also mentioned in the aforementioned post, I feel like I am getting a lot of experience out of my play writing class with dialogue, something that is so immensely important to soap opera writing.

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