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Pickled hot peppers in cream cheese chicken enchiladas

After I made pickled hot peppers with jalapenos and habaneros I was wondering what to do with them. I considered putting them in chili, but I’m so attached to my specific chili recipe I use that I didn’t want to alter it in any way.

However, tonight I used pickled hot peppers instead of green chilis in cream cheese chicken enchiladas, and it worked out fantastically.

Give it a try. 

Better yet, let me know if you have a recipe that specifically calls for pickled hot peppers.

Pickled hot peppers (and some notes on canning)

I have read about canning. I have written about canning. I have taken canning classes. But yesterday was the first time I actually attempted canning for the first time by myself.

Therefore, this is one of those posts where I may be able to learn more from you than the other way around. So by all means, if you have tips, tricks, or if you see that I am doing something horribly wrong please comment and let me know! (You can also email: EKL@ErinLanders.com).

My friend Joshua Sheehan of The Hungry Fish Cafe (that I posted about a couple of days ago) has been participating in a community/neighborhood garden. He was kind enough to recently share with me some of his bounty.

See those beautiful jalapeno and habanero peppers? I pickled and canned those babies.

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