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Food history: Bananas Foster

This food history is almost embarrassingly short and sweet.

Most of the time with Food History posts, it is difficult to decipher the background of a dish, because many meals simply evolve and grow over time. Or, the food item can be traced so far back the precise origin is unclear.

Then there are the biggies like coffee and ketchup, where the history is so expansive it’s impossible to cover it all in one blog post.

But with Bananas Foster, we’ve got the exact, undisputed, quick history right here.

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Real life events affecting a novel

When one writes a novel, or maybe even just a short story, sometimes things can happen during that time frame which inevitably impact the story. This has happened to me with my novel.

Confession time: I have not worked on my novel in over a month. In working on it for over a year now, simply put, I am just stick of the story and I needed a break. Also, I am towards the end of editing, the end of the novel, and the ending is the hardest part. So, saying I needed a break is a convenient excuse for me to procrastinate deciding exactly how to finish my story.

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