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Mac and cheese whiz

I knew I had a winning mac and cheese recipe. I had lost to my sister-in-law before with my lobster mac and cheese, and wanted a rematch.

She opted out of this competition, so it wasn’t a rematch per say, but rather, Mac and Cheese, Part Two.

I still had a stiff competitor, though. I actually lost by a half point. We’ve never done half points before – pretty sure my brother-in-law bribed someone to change their score so we could have a winner.

Photo credit: Melissa Severson
Photo credit: Melissa Severson

So basically we tied, but I got an awesome crown.


My sister-in-law made this crown essentially at the last second right before the competition. 

I wouldn’t recommend competing against her in either cooking or crafts.

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What did the buffalo say to his son? (Bison.)

Well, I came in second out of four for this competition. 

Photo credit: Alan Nudi
Photo credit: Alan Nudi

I was expecting to come in second, but was surprised by the dish mine lost to.

(Note on photo: We didn’t decide until the last minute if we were doing two competitions – appetizers and main dish – or putting all four in the same competitive pool, which we did end up doing. This is why two certificates say 1st and two say 2nd; 3rd and 4th just got bumped up a little bit, I suppose!)

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Just veggin’

I came thisclose to beating Tara the Terrible – that’s my new nickname for her, I’ve decided, everyone join me – in our vegetarian main dish competition.

The bad news: I lost. Again.

Photo credit: Sarah Hodges

The good news: I am undoubtedly becoming a better cook, and when I get my revenge, it will be *sweet.* (Or cold. Revenge is a dish best served cold, right?)

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