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Fallen squirrel update

I have a small update on the squirrel who met his demise after falling out of a tree.

I went grocery shopping for Eileen today, and I saw the squirrel up against the tree where I had left him.

Someone, I’m assuming kids, put some tiny little flowers over him. The sweet gesture was only slightly hampered by the surrounding flies.

I did not document this with a photo, for what are hopefully obvious reasons, but I did want to share that someone else cared about the squirrel, too.

Squirrels falling from trees

I grocery shop on a weekly basis for a homebound senior as part of a volunteer thing with Senior Services of Albany. Her name is Eileen.

Yesterday, I was standing outside of her house waiting for her to answer the door (which takes a few minutes as she moves a bit on the slow side) and I actually saw a squirrel fall from a tree onto the sidewalk. It made sickening thump when it hit the ground and then it didn’t move.

I went inside, got the grocery list and money, came back out and checked on the squirrel. He (she?) was still quite alive and alert, although not really moving. I cautiously picked him up, at first covering my hands with my sleeves so at least there was some sort of barrier between us if he bit me. But, he didn’t.

Yes, I know he could have had a disease, and yes I did sanitize my hands afterwards.

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