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“Ghosts” on soap operas

At my play writing class the other night, one of the topics of discussion was “establishing conventions” – setting up the rules of your universe and sticking with them.

With a play specifically, for example, that means don’t have normal, conversational verse through the first half and then suddenly switch to poetic verse. If you’re doing a musical, have a song in the beginning to set that up so it doesn’t feel like songs are coming out of nowhere – that sort of thing.

Soap operas seem to bend this rule, which I’ll elaborate on momentarily.

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A few thoughts on soap opera writing

As I mentioned previously, writing a soap opera, or writing for a soap opera, is something I have given a lot of thought to. It is definitely on my list of different writing genres, or forms, that I need to try.

As I also mentioned in the aforementioned post, I feel like I am getting a lot of experience out of my play writing class with dialogue, something that is so immensely important to soap opera writing.

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