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Food Buying Habits Survey

I have recently become involved with the Regional Farm and Food Project, a local nonprofit organization aimed towards advancing the farm-to-fork movement.

The Project has recently put together a Food Buying Habits Survey, to better determine what the community needs. We are possibly thinking of a daily farm market.

If you live the Albany/Saratoga/Glens Falls areas, I would urge you to please take 5 minutes to give us this important feedback.

Thank you muchly! The survey is being carried by the Saratoga Wire – just click on the carrot in the upper right hand corner on SaratogaWire.com.

Proper tornado protocol for businesses

A few weeks ago, we had a tornado come through the Capital Region. I have now seen two news stories relating to employees and how they handled storm protocol.

In the first instance, it was a Stewarts on Hoosick Street in Troy. The employees maintained that company procedure dictated customers have to leave the store during a power outage. Apparently, this included a man in a wheelchair who had no legs. Two women saw that he was outside, stranded, and tried to cover him and wait out the storm with him.

This was, mind you, during a literal tornado when people were being told to stay inside and go outside under no circumstances.

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