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Engagement photos

Continuing on in my wedding journey, we recently had our engagement photos taken at the Sagamore Hotel. (Trivia bit: Rachel Ray got her start cooking there.)

These pictures were taken last week, about a month away from the wedding – we’re now 21 days away!

They’re clearly watermarked, but all these photos are courtesy of Jim McLaughlin, a fantastic, experienced photographer in the Lake George, New York area.

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Engagement and wedding ring order (and a bit on my ring)

Which comes first, the engagement ring or the wedding ring? I am not speaking of course of which one you get first, as the answer to that one is obvious, but the order in which they go onto your ring finger.

I’ve always thought that the engagement ring should go first, because it would already be on your hand when you’re actually at the alter, receiving your wedding ring. But I was wrong.

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Farms, barns, and wedding plans

In addition to food, books, writing, etc, there is another major topic I will probably be blogging about often: weddings.

My fiance and I got engaged last summer, while staying at a farm/bed and breakfast in Vermont. He proposed to me by a pond. Two golden retrievers, one hormonal bull, and zero human beings were present. It was wonderful. (The bull was behind an electric fence; we and the dogs were safe.)

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