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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m opting out of my usual “Food History” post this week.

Instead, we’re going to have a little Erin history.

I’d like to share some personal thoughts in lieu of the New Year. I’m reflecting upon the most exciting one of my life so far, 2014 – and the years leading up to it. And, what my New Years resolution will be for 2015.

So, what can I say. . .

a line up of two champagne glasses, a champagne bottle, two glasses, champagne, two glasses, with champagne being poured into the first glass on the left

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My top 5 best cookbooks

At this point in life I own dozens of cookbooks. Admittedly, several of them I have never even tried a recipe out of.

(This is why I love getting cookbooks as gifts- I don’t like spending my own money on them, because I feel I should try more recipes from the ones I have first. But other people spending money on them for me, that’s okay. Feel free to recommend your favorites to me, and I’ll put them on my Amazon wish list!)

Although some haven’t been opened in a couple years, there are a few cookbooks that I keep coming back to.

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My top 5 wedding surprises

I took wedding preparations very seriously. It was a two year engagement, so I had a lot of time to plan for every teeny tiny thing. And I did. With the help of several significant people, the wedding was pulled off successfully.

Admittedly, towards the end I stopped caring about the minute details.

There was a noticeable crease on the guest stone sign – I did not reprint it. A jewel came off of the center of my dress – I let that roll off my back. I should have touched up the roots of my hair one more time before the big day – I couldn’t be bothered.

Of course, no amount of preparations can assure a completely surprise-free wedding.

Here are the top 5 things I wasn’t expecting. (This is separate from the major things that went wrong, which you can read about here.)

All photos in this post except the first one are courtesy of our fantastic photographer, Jim McLaughlin.

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My top 3 wedding/honeymoon snafus

I am back.

Things were getting crazy right up before the wedding, and I had to take some blogging time off. Then of course, I was on my honeymoon. But now I’m ready to write.

As I transition to my new married name, my website will follow suit. Eventually, this will become

And yes, that is Nudi, as in, Al Bundy goes to the nudie bar.

One of the biggest challenges of this whole marriage thing will certainly be getting used to having a non-normal last name.

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Engagement photos

Continuing on in my wedding journey, we recently had our engagement photos taken at the Sagamore Hotel. (Trivia bit: Rachel Ray got her start cooking there.)

These pictures were taken last week, about a month away from the wedding – we’re now 21 days away!

They’re clearly watermarked, but all these photos are courtesy of Jim McLaughlin, a fantastic, experienced photographer in the Lake George, New York area.

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Scuba Erin

I had two requests for our honeymoon. “I want to go to California, and I want to go scuba diving.”

My fantastic fiance has made this possible for me. I haven’t written about it in here, but I am putting together an essay on our scuba certification journey, some of which was very challenging for me – I will post at some point.

I will say one thing: I had more trouble clearing a flooded mask than anyone else in our class. You’re supposed to gently press on the upper front part of the mask while blowing out of your nose. For some reason, I felt the need to completely lift the mask off my head, thus flooding it again.

One of our dive masters – who has likely taught hundreds of people over the years – said, and I quote, “That is bizarre. I have never seen that before.”

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A note on comments

First, a sincere thank you to those of you who follow and read my posts, commenting or not. I hope you find the information interesting and valuable.

I’ve been receiving a lot of comments regarding technical questions about the site layout itself, many of which make no sense – as in the grammar and spelling are so bad I cannot even read what the person is saying.

I will not be approving these comments anymore.

However, if you have legitimate questions about the site – as in, you’re starting your own blog and would like advice, you have questions about WordPress, etc. – you can email me at If I can’t answer your question, I’ll pass it along to my site administrator.

If I can help someone out, I will. But I do not appreciate comments on posts that have literally nothing to do with the post itself, and in addition are barely readable.

Please feel free to disagree with me and my thoughts, as long as you’re not aggressively attacking me or another commenter. 

Spam will continued to be spammed.

That is all.

Wedding showers

My wedding shower – or bridal shower if you will – was this past Saturday. It went perfectly, other than the fact that it flew by so fast I didn’t get a chance to speak with everyone individually as I wanted to.

In the majority of my wedding posts I talk about the planning process, questions to ask vendors, etc. I hope as I write about my wedding journey I can advise and occasionally amuse others along the way.

In the case of the shower, I had nothing to do with the planning and didn’t know where the location was until I was driven there. It was so wonderful to be out of the loop, to have one less thing to worry about.

Consequently, I don’t have a solid list of how to plan a shower, but I would like to share what was done for me – I’m sure great ideas can be sparked.

To start out with this, this was the cake, courtesy of my very talented future sister-in-law. I’m pretty sure all guests were shocked that she is not a cake person or baker by profession.

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Albany Tulip Festival 2014

If you live in the Capital Region, you’re likely familiar with the annual Tulip Festival in Washington Park in Albany. 

I used to go nearly every year, but hadn’t been in over six years now. The fiance had never had the pleasure at all. Every year we’ve been together we’ve talked about going, but never went. Until, this year, we finally fought the traffic and made our way in.

Although not as exciting as say my Keene, New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival photos, I did manage to get a few great shots. The weather was beautiful, and the majority of the tulips were in bloom.

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A good customer service experience

Since I’ve started this blog, I had one really terrible customer service experience (not locally, but at a well known place). My first thought was, “Oh, I will be blogging about this one! I’ll show them!” But, after I calmed down and really thought about it, I decided against it.

Although there are certainly exceptions, I think people who badmouth companies (or other people) in a public forum end up making themselves look petty; it’s inevitably more of a reflection of that person than the company itself.

And so, I prefer to look at bad customer experiences as a situation wherein a business transaction did not work out between me and a particular organization. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for other people. I may tell my mom about my experience, but I’m not going to blog about it to the world.

Last night, the fiance and I had a great customer experience, wherein there was a problem and we were taken care of. Now that, I’ll blog about.

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