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Great even late – part one: chicken-a-thon

This is a special Friday night Game Night. We stayed up late like the big kids that we are. It included two Game Night Food Competitions: chicken, and ice cream.

You almost can’t tell from the below picture, because I am having a really great hair day here, but I have embarrassed myself for a third time.

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

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Fruit/Veggie bread-a-thon

Well, I have embarrassed myself once again. I have lost another Game Night Food Competition. And I’m the food blogger.

However, I used to hold chili cook offs at an old job that I won a couple times, and I had a few people less than pleased that I was both the host and the winner.

So, there’s that. At least you know I’m honest!

Also in my defense: my competitor had chocolate in her bread – totally cheating.

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Guac Off 2015

I have an exciting announcement!

Going forward, until further notice, I will be doing my Food History posts every other Thursday, instead of every week. On the “other” Thursdays, I will be posting the results of the night before’s food tasting competition.

Have you been wondering if one guacamole recipe is better than another? We can tell you right here.

Original photo credit: Alan Nudi; further editing by me.

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