Great even late – part one: chicken-a-thon

This is a special Friday night Game Night. We stayed up late like the big kids that we are. It included two Game Night Food Competitions: chicken, and ice cream.

You almost can’t tell from the below picture, because I am having a really great hair day here, but I have embarrassed myself for a third time.

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

Game Night 06-19-15 (Part One): Chicken-a-Thon

Photo credit: Brian Senesac

The contenders:

The judges:

  • Kristi LaMonica
  • Jennifer Nudi
  • Ryan Nudi
  • Tara Nudi
  • Brian Senesac
  • Melissa Severson

Judged on:

  • Presentation (10%)
  • Mouthfeel (20%)
  • Texture (10%)
  • Moistness (5%)
  • Overall Flavor (50%)

Sarah’s chicken:

My chicken:

The major difference between the two is that Sarah’s was grilled and mine was baked.

Final score out of 300 points:

  • Sarah’s chicken: 236
  • Erin’s chicken 230

Comments from the judges:

  • “I might be biased because I have baked chicken all the time. . .grilled chicken tastes fresh/exotic to me.”
  • “Both need more seasoning.”
  • Three judges commented they wanted more filling in mine.
  • Two judges thought Sarah’s was grilled at too high a temperature.
  • Two judges couldn’t taste the bacon with Sarah’s.
  • Two judges thought mine needed a stronger flavor.

I think the judges as a whole are getting tougher! 

Sarah’s chicken is from, with the following alterations:

  • Worcestershire sauce was subbed in for coconut aminos.
  • After marinating overnight the chicken was wrapped in brown sugar bacon and secured with toothpicks.
  • She recommends medium grill heat. Not high! Cook so the bacon doesn’t burn.

My chicken comes from, well, this blog, but originally from

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