A general update

Hey, readers!

I just want to give a few updates on where I’m planning on taking this blog as it – and the rest of my writing career – expands.

First of all – thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re here. Feel free to provide input, declarations of praise, constructive criticism, all that good stuff.

Undoubtedly my main blogging category is the “Difference Between” that I do every week.

The difference between Russian dressing and thousand island. The difference between green onions and scallions. The difference between brown eggs and white eggs. You get the picture.

The second topic I blog most often about is the history of food. My “Food History” posts are often longer and more detailed than my difference betweens. They take a lot of time and effort to research and put together.

When I look at the numbers from who’s reading what on the blog, it’s clear that Difference Between is significantly more popular than Food History – or any other category.

When I started blogging about my family’s Game Night Food Competitions I began trading off those posts with the Food History ones, with each being every other week.

I’d like to now make Food History a category that is written about sporadically, along with the other miscellaneous topics: recipes, “snapshots” of interesting foods, Tara’s Tutorial’s with Baking, etc.

Part of the reasoning behind this is to work smarter not harder. I can see what posts resonate more with readers, and I’d like to therefore concentrate more on those.

I’ve had this blog for over two years now, and I love to see how it grows and changes. I want to be able to adapt to these changes, switching things up once in awhile as I see fit. Otherwise, the blogging experience would get boring after awhile, for both me and readers.

In addition, I’ve been picking up more freelance writing lately – which you can read in the Albany Times Union! – and I’ve been working on some fiction writing.

Therefore, where my blog is concerned, I’d like to really focus on what it is readers would specifically like to read about or find the most helpful. Hence, the Difference Between posts will continue weekly, with the other subjects interspersed.

That being said, I do have a fun new category I’m going to do just for the summer: All About Herbs!

I’m going to focus on one herb a week, every Sunday, starting with the second Sunday in June and ending with the last Sunday in August. We’ll go over fresh versus dried, growing and preservation tips, and maybe a few recipes.

Anything you’d like to see blogged about here? (Book reviews? Food in the news? Something else?)

Comment or drop me an email – Erin@ErinNudi.com. 

Here’s a random picture of me at a hockey game, because I felt the need to include a picture in this post. But no, I probably won’t be blogging about hockey anytime soon.

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  1. great idea. What herbs blend nicely with what foods and what don’t. And dried vs fresh is great. I learned that difference the hard way.

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