Top 10 wedding photos

Today’s my six month wedding anniversary.

It is also Groundhog Day. (Love that movie.)

To go along with my post on our engagement photos, I have for awhile wanted to share my favorite wedding photos. Honestly, after the wedding, I was too weddinged out. 

But now it’s been awhile, and I’d like to share the top 10 (in my mind) photos of the special day, narrowed down from over 1350 we received.

All photos are courtesy of our talented photographer, Jim McLaughlin

1. Me drinking from a flask at my parents’ apartment while getting ready. Do note the time on the clock in the background.

2. My husband looking like a GQ model. There were actually several of these, but this one’s my favorite.

3. The boys admiring the wedding ring. I don’t think they were thrilled with me that I had them do this one, but you know what? I literally had two photo requests (the other was of a cat, to come) so they could suck it up. Look at how great it turned out!

4. Us ladies stopped at a bar on the way to the wedding (because really, not enough alcohol was being had). We had some great shots of us taking a shot, but I particularly love this gem, with two of my bridesmaids.

5. My sister-in-law attempting to keep her daughter/the flower girl quiet during the ceremony. 

6. A moment alone inside the venue, after the ceremony, before the guests came in for cocktail hour.

7. Some of the best wedding photos are the non-people ones, like of the food, flowers, drinks…and the rings, on one of the mini plant favors.

8. Dress detail. Also I prefer pictures of me where you can’t really see my face.

9. …like here. Flower and some dress detail. I chose roses not just because they’re classic and, well, fairly inexpensive, but because of my August wedding – they’re great for holding up well in the heat.

10. Well. I just like this one.

Honorable mentions:

1. Gatito, my parents’ cat, who died two days after the wedding. We knew he was on his way out, and asked the photographer to grab some shots of him while the girls were getting ready. 

2. Speaking of, here are the girls while getting ready.

3. Another one I really “just like.”

I’d also like to mention our photographer got some excellent shots of our guests, I chose not to post here because I don’t want to pick favorites of those!