My top 3 wedding/honeymoon snafus

I am back.

Things were getting crazy right up before the wedding, and I had to take some blogging time off. Then of course, I was on my honeymoon. But now I’m ready to write.

As I transition to my new married name, my website will follow suit. Eventually, this will become

And yes, that is Nudi, as in, Al Bundy goes to the nudie bar.

One of the biggest challenges of this whole marriage thing will certainly be getting used to having a non-normal last name.

There were three major things that went wrong with the wedding and subsequent honeymoon. Other than those three things, everything went beautifully. Certainly as a whole it was a major success. The snafus were:

1. The favors were not delivered until the night before.

I was doing a combination wedding favors and place cards. The favors were miniature plants, coming from California. The place cards were made up ahead of time, courtesy of my very talented and generous sister-in-law. They had everyone’s names and table numbers.

Photo credit: Tara Nudi

Once I had the plants, I had to place all of the flags in there. . .and then have them arranged in alphabetical order.

Early on in the week leading up to the big day, I checked the tracking on the package and saw it wasn’t due to be delivered until Friday. The day before the wedding; I had been under the impression they would arrive three or four days beforehand.

The husband and I called FedEx multiple times and went there once in person. At one point, they admitted the package was lost.

I had to make a decision. Assume they’ll arrive on time, or go with a backup plan. If I went with a backup plan, and the plants still came, then I’d have over 115 plants I’d have to deal with. If I didn’t figure out a backup plan, I’d have to figure one out very, very quickly, the morning of my wedding day.

I took a risk and assumed they would come. And they did. Some looking better than others, but they came, right before the rehearsal dinner started.

That night, home alone, reflecting on my single self, I stuffed them all with flags, alphabetized, and arranged them in boxes. My bridesmaid’s boyfriend drove them to the location for me during the following afternoon.

Photo credit: Perry Berkowitz

Side note: That ampersand in the window is from our engagement pictures.

Photo credit: Perry Berkowitz

2. The hair person did not show up.

This was by far the most serious snafu.

She was scheduled to come at 10AM. There I am, with my bridesmaids at my parents’ house, drinking mimosas, waiting for no one and her imaginary assistant.

There was a chance she thought the time was 11AM, which was what she had originally suggested; 11AM came and went. At 11:10 we began calling salons. 

I kept my cool throughout most of this ordeal. “You’re so calm!” everyone kept saying. That lasted right up until we got to a salon.

I was able to get fit in at Jean Paul’s in Latham, along with two of my bridesmaids. The other two girls miraculously found someone to come to my parents’ house to do their hair.

I momentarily lost it when we first got there. They didn’t know who I was at the front desk.

I had been under the impression the lady on the phone had ran around the salon like a maniac, asking who was available at this last minute on a busy Saturday. However, they knew who I was fairly quickly.

A lovely stylist named Hayley was not yet on the clock. She was actually getting her own hair done. She stopped what she was doing, and hair wet and all, recreated my waterfall braid from pictures of my trial hair.

As a funny side note, it turned out I had met Hayley before at a mutual friend’s place. Thank goodness she was there to save my day.

Considering how devastating the situation was, everything turned out extremely well.

3. I got bronchitis on my honeymoon.

This might not sound so bad in and of itself. However, this meant scuba diving was out of the question.

We had paid good money and put in a lot of time and effort to get certified, specifically for this honeymoon. I had to jump through hoops to get cleared medically. It was a rewarding but demanding experience.

We had planned the entire honeymoon around where we wanted to scuba dive – which was SD Expeditions in San Diego. And it didn’t end up happening.

Safety is of the utmost concern for any kind of sport or physical activity, but it is seriously significant with scuba diving. If you even have a cold, you can’t dive. Any kind of congestion can make you unable to equalize your ears, which can cause permanent damage. Also, I believe it increases your risk for decompression sickness.

Needless to say, I was not comfortable going forward with it.

I managed not to be totally devastated. For one thing, with the stress of the wedding, I knew I was getting sick – it’s not like it came out of nowhere. I saw it coming. I told myself that now that we’re certified, and married, we have decades ahead of us to plan future dive trips.

I was momentarily sad when I saw seals swimming so close to shore at where we stayed in San Diego. “I was almost swimming with you!” I thought.

Another time. At least we got to enjoy these spectacular animals in some capacity. 

Here is a two second video my husband took of the seals barking:

3 thoughts on “My top 3 wedding/honeymoon snafus

  1. I cannot understand how a hairdresser can live with herself leaving a bride, on her wedding day, without someone to fix her hair and the hair of her bridal party.

    I think looking forward to scuba diving is a great goal. And it can be a very nice 5th Anniversary present from the husband.

    Your wedding reflected all that is you.

  2. Weddings are amazing but they definitely are stressful. We had something similar happen to Becca. The person that was suppose to do her hair told us a week before the wedding that she was unable to do it. So we called frantically to find a salon that could do Becca and her sister Leslie. Everything happens for a reason and she looked perfect.
    Even though things did not go exactly as planned no one knew about the hiccups. You looked stunning, the favors were an awesome idea (we are enjoying them in our living room) and like you said, you have the rest of your life to go scuba diving. 🙂 Your positive attitude and calmness should show Alan that you are up for any challenge 🙂

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