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Continuing on in my wedding journey, we recently had our engagement photos taken at the Sagamore Hotel. (Trivia bit: Rachel Ray got her start cooking there.)

These pictures were taken last week, about a month away from the wedding – we’re now 21 days away!

They’re clearly watermarked, but all these photos are courtesy of Jim McLaughlin, a fantastic, experienced photographer in the Lake George, New York area.

It’s a little bit funny to me that we’ve been engaged for two years, but just got our engagement pictures taken. Many people use engagement photos to announce their engagement.

Anywho, this photo session was included as part of the entire photography package. I was very excited about this, because I wouldn’t have been willing to pay extra for it.

The fiance and I were a little bit concerned about timing. We were meeting Jim at the Sagamore Hotel where he was shooting a 50th anniversary party. The photo shoot was scheduled to start at 8PM, and we were worried about fighting the daylight disappearing.

However, I trusted our photographer’s instincts. We got there a bit early in case he finished up early, and he did, and everything was great.

My ideas for the shoot:

  • An outfit change so we had dressy and casual.
  • Us back to back, me reading a book, him on his phone.
  • Piggy back ride.
  • My ring, by itself.

After looking at engagement picture ideas at the last minute, I came up with a few more:

  • Holding hands.
  • Just the girl looks.
  • Forehead kiss.

And, there was a picture I had saved from many months ago I had forgotten about, that I came across, with an ampersand:

Photo credit: EmmalineBride.com

I found an ampersand at Hobby Lobby, where I also picked up some decorations for my centerpieces. (The centerpieces possibly deserve their own post.)

The ampersand shot did not look well when we tried to duplicate the above picture – that is, holding it in between us and kissing over it. Basically, the color of the ampersand and the lighting behind it clashed, and you couldn’t tell what it was. 

So, this one didn’t go entirely as planned, but they turned out well:

Even though my hair is getting destroyed, I love this photo because we’re both laughing so genuinely:

Holding hands, went well:

Just the girl looks, went well:

This just-the-girl-looks is decent, but not as good as the other one.

Forehead kiss, also decent, but not my favorite:

For the shots where I am reading a book and he is looking at his phone, the fiance thought it would look better if he had a tablet. I agreed.

These turned out very well:

By the way, it’s sort of a coincidence, but the book I’m holding is Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.

I wanted a book without a book jacket and my copy is missing one, and it also happens to be what I’m reading at the moment – I’ve already read it, but wanted to give it another once over before marriage.

I don’t normally fist bump, but this one turned out cute:

This is probably one of the best out of all of them – our expressions were just so at just the right moment:

The ring by itself shots I like but don’t love, and I’ll explain why. I’ll get another chance with the wedding. I’d like a shot of all three rings together.

I like this below picture a lot, but with the lighting my band looks more gold than silver. It’s actually white gold. But, I wish the band looked more like the silver color it is.

With this shot, the band looks better, but I don’t like the picture as a whole as much. I feel like there is too much background and it doesn’t do the ring enough justice.

Honestly, I am admittedly being a bit picky here. They’re both pretty darn good shots.

The piggy back ride shots went wonderfully:

Now, this is shot is possibly my favorite out of all of them.

The photographer told us to kiss, and I thought at the time, this must look so awkward, we both have to twist in a funny way to make it happen. But it looks adorable.

We have some other kissing pictures, as you’ll see. Although they’re tasteful enough (no tongue, of course!), I really, really enjoy this picture below, because you can’t *really* see us kissing:

Here are some excellent shots that were not masterminded by me or my fiance. Our photographer just grabbed some great ones.

If the above picture is my favorite, this one below is my second favorite.

The fiance dipped me out of nowhere. We needed to be coached on that for a second, but it turned out well:

For this picture, the photographer lay down on the ground and looked up at us:

The beautiful Sagamore in the background:

And, here are a few duck shots. The ducks just happened to be there and I said, “You have to get them!!”

This one I really love, because the ducklings are under the mom (or dad?), like penguins:

So, there you have it.

Jim took about 680 pictures, narrowed it down to 115 for us, and I whittled it down from there on what to post here, on Facebook, etc.

Part of the challenge for us other than time, was that there were a lot of people around the hotel grounds while we were doing this. Like, a lot of people. I had to really block them out to concentrate on feeling happy and free and in love.

I am super happy with how they turned out. I’m sure the wedding photography will be just as spot-on.

I hope any brides-to-be out there got some ideas from our photos. Remember to work with your surroundings, and be a little impulsive.

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  1. Hello Erin
    I am so glad you came over to the studio to look at the photos from your wedding. It was nice to see how much you liked them, I don’t always to see the expressions when you see the photos for the 1st time. You guys were great to work with & you also had a great wedding !!!
    Nice blog too. You just got a new follower.

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