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Food history: coleslaw (and why it has a bad rep)

I think coleslaw is almost making a comeback.

It is undoubtedly still a shoved-aside side item at picnics and diners: “It’s always there but rarely thought about.”

On the other hand, there are many exciting variations of coleslaw springing up, such as broccoli slaw. Broccoli slaw can come in its own bag, or you can shred your own broccoli. 

Of course, traditional coleslaw’s main ingredient is shredded cabbage. Let’s find out where coleslaw originated.

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Engagement photos

Continuing on in my wedding journey, we recently had our engagement photos taken at the Sagamore Hotel. (Trivia bit: Rachel Ray got her start cooking there.)

These pictures were taken last week, about a month away from the wedding – we’re now 21 days away!

They’re clearly watermarked, but all these photos are courtesy of Jim McLaughlin, a fantastic, experienced photographer in the Lake George, New York area.

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