Scuba Erin

I had two requests for our honeymoon. “I want to go to California, and I want to go scuba diving.”

My fantastic fiance has made this possible for me. I haven’t written about it in here, but I am putting together an essay on our scuba certification journey, some of which was very challenging for me – I will post at some point.

I will say one thing: I had more trouble clearing a flooded mask than anyone else in our class. You’re supposed to gently press on the upper front part of the mask while blowing out of your nose. For some reason, I felt the need to completely lift the mask off my head, thus flooding it again.

One of our dive masters – who has likely taught hundreds of people over the years – said, and I quote, “That is bizarre. I have never seen that before.”

Anywho, I made it through. Here is my certificate I can brag about.

I also have a video of me swimming (although not scuba diving, yet), where I’m using my mask and snorkel.

Hey, I might as well enjoy my $112 mask even if I’m not diving.

The video is on YouTube here.  

The fiance was checking out the underwater camera we bought for the honeymoon. It works quite well. I will surely watch the video nostalgically decades from now when I no longer have a bathing suit body.

Here I am practicing that clearing of the mask in a pool, two days before the certification.

Here is a meme from the fiance of me from our final class in Lake George, water 60 degrees.

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

And – this is super exciting – here is a picture of the first time I wrote my soon-to-be new name, on my fin.

We had to write our names on all our scuba gear, and I figured I should use my married name as, supposedly, this stuff will last us for years and years to come.

On a related note, as some point, will become Goodbye easy-to-spell-and-pronounce last name.