Bird watching

The past few years I’ve been more into bird watching than I used to be. I’m going to try keeping up the bird feeders and “birdbath” (it’s a small thing hanging from the tree, not a stationary one) as the winter approaches and see what happens. There must be some non-migratory birds that will hang around, right?

Over the late summer and early fall we’ve had multiple chickadees, a cardinal and, more frequently as of late, a blue jay.

The blue jay is a big bully at the bird feeder, let me tell you. He screeches as he flies in, making sure everyone gets out of the way so he can eat as much as he wants.

Here are a couple photos I snagged of the cardinal and blue jay:

I wrote an extensive bird watching article awhile back that did not end up getting published anywhere, but now I’m full of great tips.

Here’s one of them: Have a birdbath, even a dinky one like the one on the left in the above photos. Different birds will be enticed by different seeds, but water attracts all birds. And, it’s harder than you’d think for birds to find fresh, clean water.

In the winter, watch for frozen water (certain birdbaths have heaters to prevent this). Also, don’t buy a birdbath that is too deep; the shallow water actually works better for them.