Daily Archives: September 4, 2013

Prologue: take one

Someone had mentioned to me that I don’t write enough about my novel here in my blog. Today, I rewrote my prologue, making it shorter, tighter, and I switched points of view.

I would love to hear constructive criticism.

Here is some background on the novel: It is about a girl who dies of a heroin overdose a year prior to the start of the book. The book is told from third person point of view, with everyone living with the aftermath of the girl’s death.

The girl is present and alive in the prologue, and at the suggestion of a good friend, I switched from third person point of view to first, just for the prologue.

As you may imagine, there are drug references, so please proceed with caution and tact. This is the first version of the prologue. The second one is here.

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