New experiences

This is a “just checking in” type of post. I’ve been super busy lately, so much so that I have been neglecting wedding planning and cooking! But, for a good cause: new (and some familiar) experiences with writing. . .and acting.

Firstly, I’m trying to get back on track with my novel so I can finally finish editing it. In reconnecting with my story, I’ve been re-reading the whole thing.

Secondly, I’ve just started taking a play writing class with my father once a week, so in the midst of my other writing activities I am now writing a play.

Play writing is very much something new to me, and to be honest, not something I had ever given much thought to before. However, this opportunity came up through someone my mom knows from acting class, and I couldn’t turn it down.

Although I’ve never tried it before, writing for a soap opera is something I’ve given a lot of thought to. One of the most important aspects of soap opera writing is dialogue – it’s all about the dialogue. The same could certainly be said about writing a play: dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. Not only will I be getting some great experience with dialogue writing, which is applicable to so many forms of fiction, but I’m trying out a brand new form of writing for me.

I mentioned my mom and acting before – she has been taking acting classes, and has landed a few small rolls in local theater. At the last minute, she asked me to be an extra with her in a small film being made called, Thank You, Cabbage. Even though I had that “what the heck am I getting myself into” feeling, I again did not want to turn down what would surely promise to be a great new experience for me.

The script is hysterical. It’s about a woman, a writer in fact, who is told by a cabbage that she is going to have an affair. The scenes they filmed yesterday were at a bookstore in Saugerties where this woman was giving book signings.

Actually, they made the bookstore look like two different bookstores and we as the extras were supposed to be two separate groups of people. Consequently, we had to bring a change of clothes. It was a fun, albeit long, evening – my mom and I did not get home until 2:30AM. It was definitely a change of pace for me to be in front of a camera instead of hiding behind a computer or a notebook.

Also, I recently wrote for the second year in a row a guest post for one of my favorite blogs, On the Edge, that was posted yesterday. It’s about my working as a helper at Santa Land and you can see it here.