20 questions to ask wedding DJs

This post is to coincide with the 20 questions to ask wedding caterers. We are meeting with a DJ today, and as before, I put together 20 questions. And, as before, they are compiled from my wedding book and a book from TheKnot.com that my maid of honor gave me.

Once again, a couple of these questions are specific to our situation, but this is a pretty excellent general list to go off of.

1) How long have you been a DJ? How many weddings have you done in the past year?

2) What is your overall approach to playing weddings? How do you pace the event?

3) What do you typically wear to the wedding?

4) Do you require any equipment rentals or extra electrical power or anything like that that we would have to provide?

5) I see from your website you also do ceremony music and you list popular songs for that. We have a specific song in mind for the ceremony – would you be willing to do it? (For an extra charge, if need be?)

6) The space where we’re getting married is kind of unique (brought pictures) – do you think this is doable? Enough space for you?

7) Do you take requests from guests, or how do you typically handle that?

8) How often do you usually take a break during an event? (Once an hour, maybe?)

9) How is the music handled during breaks? Is there music still playing during the breaks, or no?

10) What is your backup plan if you’re unable to be there the day of the wedding?

11) Do you work alone or do you have other assistants or someone working with you?

12) How long do you require to set up? Do you typically try to be all set up by the time guests arrive?

13) Would you like a meal? We’re planning on feeding our vendors, but it’s worth checking if you bring your own food.

14) What kind of deposit do you require, and when is the final balance due?

15) What is your cancellation policy?

16) Do you accept a “do not play” list?

17) How much do you allow us to customize our own playlist? Can we have a few “must play” songs?

18) Do you have/need liability insurance?

19) Our wedding isn’t for another year and five months. Are the prices final, or are they subject to a certain increase during that time?

20) Is there anything we’re forgetting to ask that we should know about? Anything that you include or require that we haven’t covered?