Daily Archives: April 22, 2013

Mini (traditional) meatloafs

If you follow Pinterest at all you already know about the trend with making things in the muffin tins (or cupcake tins, if you will) that would not normally go in there. Since discovering this myself, I have almost completely switched over from making meatloaf in the designated meatloaf pans.

Today I’m sharing a traditional meatloaf recipe that I converted into mini-meatloafs, and the original recipe is from Campbell’s, and it’s here.

I am specifying that this is a traditional meatloaf because I also thoroughly enjoy two nontraditional meatloafs that I will be blogging about in the future: bacon cheeseburger meatloaf (and believe me, I am not a bacon person, unlike. . .everyone else) and a French onion soup meatloaf. But today, we’re going traditional with my go-to meatloaf recipe.

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