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Farms, barns, and wedding plans

In addition to food, books, writing, etc, there is another major topic I will probably be blogging about often: weddings.

My fiance and I got engaged last summer, while staying at a farm/bed and breakfast in Vermont. He proposed to me by a pond. Two golden retrievers, one hormonal bull, and zero human beings were present. It was wonderful. (The bull was behind an electric fence; we and the dogs were safe.)

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20 questions to ask wedding caterers

Most of these questions I have gotten from my incredibly helpful wedding book, in conjunction with advice from TheKnot.com. A couple of these questions are customized to our wedding specifically (example: we have someone in mind for the cake, so we are going to ask about the possibility of outsourcing that), but for the most part this is a good, general list to go off of.

Questions to ask a wedding caterer you’re considering:

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