Daily Archives: April 14, 2013

“Easter eggs” in books (specifically Stephen King’s)

I have no idea why they’re called what they’re called, but most of us know about “Easter eggs” in movies – those cute, subtle references that aren’t usually noticed unless we’re looking for them. Sometimes they’re not even referencing something specific, but instead are just. . .well, incredibly amusing. Supposedly, Disney has a whole bunch of sexual references throughout their movies.

Speaking of Disney, in Finding Nemo, the waiting room at the dentist office where Nemo ends up has some rather interesting reading material. There is a Highlights magazine on the coffee table, a once very popular kids magazine that I myself enjoyed. There is an Incredibles comic book, referencing another Disney movie. In the bottom right corner of the newspaper the little boy’s mother is reading there is an ad that says, “Troubled by your baby’s beard?” coupled with an equally troubling picture of a baby with a beard.

Side note: I could not possibly be more excited for Finding Dorey coming out in 2015.

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