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Cheesy scalloped potatoes with chopped ham

I am tagging this recipe as a side dish, because scalloped potatoes typically are. However, this recipe includes chopped ham, making it a perfectly satisfying main dish. Sometimes I use it as a side. Sometimes I add the ham and it’s the whole meal.

This recipe comes from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. In addition to leaving out the ham, you can also leave out the cheese. You know, if you’re not a normal person and you don’t like cheese.

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French dip crescent rolls with au jus sauce

Tonight’s recipe is brought to us by a cool blog called “Momma loves food,” and the original recipes are here and here.

Like muffin tin recipes, crescent roll recipes are also popular on Pinterest right now, and I’ve jumped on this bandwagon as well. This one is a cute take on a French dip.

The au jus sauce takes half an hour to forty-five minutes to make, but it is so worth it. Do consider making the sauce separately from the crescent rolls in the future, to incorporate in other recipes.

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Fallen squirrel update

I have a small update on the squirrel who met his demise after falling out of a tree.

I went grocery shopping for Eileen today, and I saw the squirrel up against the tree where I had left him.

Someone, I’m assuming kids, put some tiny little flowers over him. The sweet gesture was only slightly hampered by the surrounding flies.

I did not document this with a photo, for what are hopefully obvious reasons, but I did want to share that someone else cared about the squirrel, too.

The importance of wedding themes

Wedding themes seem to be one of those things you would maybe scoff at, at first, but they’re actually really important. A theme is what ties everything together, and it can actually help make some of the decisions easier – from the flowers to the food to the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses.

I loved what my friend Nicole said when her wedding planner told her she needed to pick a theme. “I was like, ‘Um, wedding. . .?'”

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Garlic blue crabs

Most people order pizza or Chinese food on Friday nights. This Friday night, the fiance and I enjoyed some blue crab.

This was my first time cooking crab; this does not include the time I made this recipe and this recipe using imitation crab meat that came in a bag. Well, okay, this crab came in a bag too, but it was frozen, actual, crabs. Pre-cleaned, but still, crabs. Still in the shell, looking like the sea crustaceans that they are, crabs.

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Twice baked Ranch potatoes

Those Ranch seasoning packets are pretty great.  They can really put a nice kick into a lot of recipes, and this is one of them.

This is a recipe I modified from a couple of recipes, although the Ranch addition was mine: an recipe here, and also twice baked potatoes were one of the first recipes I ever tried as a kid from My First Cookbook (where the potatoes are made to look like boats, which can be fun).

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