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Why Rory belongs with Jess

The Gilmore Girls revival is this Friday, as we all know. I’ve been avoiding reading about it as much as possible to avoid spoilers, although I can see all three ex boyfriends are making an appearance. Which made me think about who Rory belongs with, if any of them.
That’s important – it might be be someone else, or no one. But what if it is one of them? Who would it be?
I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I am landing on Team Jess.
Note: If you haven’t gotten all the way through Gilmore Girls, this does contain some spoilers.
Let’s look at the other two contenders first, with a brief recap of the relationships.

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Food history: loose meat sandwiches

I was reminded of the existence of loose meat sandwiches with the semi-recent The Good Wife episode.

Which reminded me of the restaurant specializing in loose meat sandwiches that Roseanne ran in Roseanne.

Photo credit: ThirdAndDelaware.Tumblr.com
Photo credit: ThirdAndDelaware.Tumblr.com

Which made me wonder where this odd lunch creation came from in the first place…

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