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Prologue: take one

Someone had mentioned to me that I don’t write enough about my novel here in my blog. Today, I rewrote my prologue, making it shorter, tighter, and I switched points of view.

I would love to hear constructive criticism.

Here is some background on the novel: It is about a girl who dies of a heroin overdose a year prior to the start of the book. The book is told from third person point of view, with everyone living with the aftermath of the girl’s death.

The girl is present and alive in the prologue, and at the suggestion of a good friend, I switched from third person point of view to first, just for the prologue.

As you may imagine, there are drug references, so please proceed with caution and tact. This is the first version of the prologue. The second one is here.

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The end

I’m approaching the end of my novel in my big re-read. To put it simply, it is so. Hard.

The ending is always the most difficult part of writing a story, I think. There is no more possibility of a great story, not the amorphous, semi-imaginary one that you’ve conceived in your head, anyway.

It is now real, out of your head and on the page. It may not be right, some people may not like it. And, you’re probably going to end up rewriting a whole bunch of stuff anyway, which very may well include the ending.

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Real life events affecting a novel

When one writes a novel, or maybe even just a short story, sometimes things can happen during that time frame which inevitably impact the story. This has happened to me with my novel.

Confession time: I have not worked on my novel in over a month. In working on it for over a year now, simply put, I am just stick of the story and I needed a break. Also, I am towards the end of editing, the end of the novel, and the ending is the hardest part. So, saying I needed a break is a convenient excuse for me to procrastinate deciding exactly how to finish my story.

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Characters and their wardrobes

Here is one thing I am struggling with a bit in my novel I am working on – how important is the way the characters dress? I have read conflicting thoughts on this matter, and it really depends on who you ask. It goes along with the age old question, which is more important, the plot or the characters?

I do know my answer to that one – the characters. It used to be the plot, but over the years I’ve changed my mind. When I think about the books that I really, truly love, it’s the characters that really make them memorable. It is the characters that drive the plot. It is the characters who I come back to see if the author feels like continuing on with a series.

Anywho, back to the clothes question. How important is how a character dresses? Or how they look, for that matter? Do we really need to know if our protagonist is a blonde or redhead? I think it really depends on the type of novel.

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