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Tara’s Tutorials: Chocolate chocolate cake

We have another blog category! Let’s keep it fresh, right? 

I am learning how to bake from my baking-expert sister-in-law, Tara.

We started off super easy with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Tara did all the work while I observed and took notes; the husband took (most of) the pictures.

Next time, I’ll get my hands dirty while she tells me what to do.

That will probably be more fun for her.

This recipe comes from Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake. Tara has made it numerous times, making it a great beginning for our Tara’s Tutorial’s with Baking. 

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

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Food history: Bananas Foster

This food history is almost embarrassingly short and sweet.

Most of the time with Food History posts, it is difficult to decipher the background of a dish, because many meals simply evolve and grow over time. Or, the food item can be traced so far back the precise origin is unclear.

Then there are the biggies like coffee and ketchup, where the history is so expansive it’s impossible to cover it all in one blog post.

But with Bananas Foster, we’ve got the exact, undisputed, quick history right here.

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