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Why Rory belongs with Jess

The Gilmore Girls revival is this Friday, as we all know. I’ve been avoiding reading about it as much as possible to avoid spoilers, although I can see all three ex boyfriends are making an appearance. Which made me think about who Rory belongs with, if any of them.
That’s important – it might be be someone else, or no one. But what if it is one of them? Who would it be?
I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I am landing on Team Jess.
Note: If you haven’t gotten all the way through Gilmore Girls, this does contain some spoilers.
Let’s look at the other two contenders first, with a brief recap of the relationships.

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8 (almost) lyricless songs to add to your work playlist

If you’re like me, you need a little background noise when you’re doing work – especially if you’re working at home.

Obviously, the television is too much of a distraction. Music can be great, but sometimes I find myself singing along, or even getting up and dancing if it’s especially catchy.

But thanks to Pandora and Google Play, I have come across eight excellent lyricless, or almost lyricless, songs.

Add the following tunes to your playlist and actually get work done at home.

(Did you know occasional telecommuting and other flexible work/life balance options are increasing in the workplace?)

Or hey, just rock out those headphones at your cube in the office.

white headphones

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Food history: ratatouille

Not only do I love ratatouille, but I am also a huge, huge, fan of the 2007 Disney movie. Regardless of your age, I would highly recommend watching it.

Although previously considered an old fashioned “peasant dish,” or at best a meal only vegetarians could enjoy, the movie undoubtedly sparked a new interest in this timeless dish.

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“Ghosts” on soap operas

At my play writing class the other night, one of the topics of discussion was “establishing conventions” – setting up the rules of your universe and sticking with them.

With a play specifically, for example, that means don’t have normal, conversational verse through the first half and then suddenly switch to poetic verse. If you’re doing a musical, have a song in the beginning to set that up so it doesn’t feel like songs are coming out of nowhere – that sort of thing.

Soap operas seem to bend this rule, which I’ll elaborate on momentarily.

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Engagement and wedding ring order (and a bit on my ring)

Which comes first, the engagement ring or the wedding ring? I am not speaking of course of which one you get first, as the answer to that one is obvious, but the order in which they go onto your ring finger.

I’ve always thought that the engagement ring should go first, because it would already be on your hand when you’re actually at the alter, receiving your wedding ring. But I was wrong.

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